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Tuan Chau - A Rescue Mission Graduate Making A Difference!

Tuan's BillboardFor those of you who missed the December 2011 edition of the Rescuer, you might not be familiar with Tuan Chau, a graduate of our New Life Recovery Program. We have an update on Tuan and how he, a man of few means and three young children, used his 2012 tax return to further God’s kingdom.

Previously in the Rescuer, Tuan shared how he and his mother had come to the U.S. from Vietnam. Tuan told how he had started using drugs and breaking into homes at an early age and became a drug addict. Later in life, he would drive by the Rescue Mission and see the bright yellow “Jesus Saves” sign. Eventually, Tuan walked through our door and asked for help with his drug addiction. Since joining the New Life Program that day, Tuan has become a sober follower of Jesus. When Tuan graduated from the New Life Program in 2011, he regained custody of his three kids. He now lives in a modest apartment in South Salt Lake that he affords with his job at a local machine shop. He is also trying to help his wife, who is struggling to quit using meth. Tuan squeaks by financially, but decided he would give something back to God after receiving his 2012 tax refund in the mail. Tuan called the owner of the billboard near 3900 South and 300 West (overlooking the TRAX train stop there). After some negotiating, Tuan rented the space for $1,200, which covered three months. The sign said, “Jesus is the Answer!” followed by “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me,” John 14:6.

It was an incredible sacrifice for a former meth addict currently sup­porting three kids. Tuan said he decided to put up the billboard to share God’s message of hope to a desperate world and to challenge other Christians in Utah. “What would it be like if each Christian put up a scripture?” he asked.

Tuan is one in a long line of men and women whom God has radically changed at the Rescue Mission and is now paying it forward. If you are interested in supporting recovery for people like Tuan, please consider volunteering or making a donation.