The New Life Program

Don Nicholson compressedWe offer a FREE, year-long New Life Addiction Recovery Program for homeless men and women who struggle with substance abuse, pornography or gambling.

This recovery program is free and Bible-based. It is intended for the homeless and indigent who cannot afford a fee-based program, including men and women coming directly from jail and those on disability.


First and foremost, we seek to assist as many men and women as possible to establish and/or strengthen their personal relationship with God. The New Life Program is, perhaps, the most intense way we do that. By sharing the message of Jesus Christ, we encourage men and women everywhere to take the free gift of salvation extended to all by the Lord Jesus.

Bible Study

As a spiritual training program, the daily study of God's Holy Word is an essential component of everyday life. Each program member is required to attend two Bible Studies every weekday: one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Genesis Recovery

We are currently using the new Bible-based Genesis Relapse Prevention model of recovery. This recovery program has gained national recognition for its ability to help even the most hardened addict stay sober.

Chapel Service

Men enrolled in the New Life Program are required to attend the nightly Chapel Service, held every evening of the year from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. This worship service is conducted by a different church, group, or individual each evening.

Church Attendance

Men and women are encouraged to attend a Bible-believing church on Sunday mornings. We recognize that there is nothing quite like regular fellowship with other believers, especially in an organized church setting. The spiritual charge received from attending church services each Sunday goes a long way in doing what we are here for: helping others in their walk with Christ. We encourage program members to join an appropriate church so that they will have a support group to help them with future struggles when they leave the recovery program.

Personal Study

Men and women are strongly encouraged to seek the Lord on their own time, including scripture study, prayer, meditation and reading faith-promoting books. After all, a personal relationship with God the Father is not merely a nine-to-five job, it's a 24/7/365 lifestyle.

One-on-One Sessions

Every person enrolled in the program attends a regularly scheduled weekly counseling session with one of the five Genesis-trained counselors on staff.

Work Therapy

All enrollees are given work assignments, such as preparing food in the kitchen, cleaning the facilities, taking calls at the Contact Desk or overseeing evening guests in the Dorm. They work six days a week, with one regularly scheduled day off each week. Research has shown that having a meaningful job is key part of the recovery process.

Program Housing

MEN: Rarely do we have a room open when a new person joins the Recovery Program, so new program members are assigned bunks in the Dorm. As rooms become available, they are moved into semi-private rooms with roommates. In either case, the Recovery Program housing area has separate bathroom facilities and a Day Room, which features a spiritual library for the use of all men in the Program.

WOMEN: The Rescue Mission's Women's Center is a family-style recovery house with room for 14 women. Program members share bunks in a common dormitory area, moving to semi-private and private rooms as they show accountability and progress in their recovery. It is overseen by Ron and Mary Louise Long, who have both been through the New Life Recovery Program themselves and share an apartment attached to the house.

Three Meals Daily

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are served every day for those in the Recovery Program. Well-rounded, nutritious meals allow the men and women to concentrate on why they're in the program instead of where their next meal is coming from.


All New Life Program men and women have access to our laundry facilities.

Phase III

After six month in our New Life Program, participants move to "Phase III." Here Mission staffers help program members find a good job, pay off any outstanding bills or fines and eventually find housing outside of the Rescue Mission. Our goal is to provide these men and women with a fresh start - spiritually, physically and financially.

Partnering with Other Providers

Many men and women in our New Life Recovery Program have special needs, such as mental illness, that we can't meet here at the Mission. We work with places like Valley Mental Health and the 4th Street Clinic to make sure our clients have access to the medical care they require.

Freedom House

After graduating from the New Life Recovery Program, some men need time to adjust to living on their own in sobriety. For program members who need some accountability, we offer the Terri Timmerman Freedom House, a transitional home with room for five men. Here men learn to maintain a house, manage a budget and balance a full-time job - all while working their recovery. Freedom House is overseen by George Sproul, a counselor and former program member.

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