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By becoming a Monthly Miracle Maker, you
will lead the way by ensuring a foundation of
monthly support that provides basic needs like
meals, safe shelter, and clothing along with
life-transforming solutions. Give the true Hope
that saves lives at the Rescue Mission of Salt
Lake and provides the miracle of ending
homelessness in people’s lives.
Provide a foundation of hope
Current Needs:

We are in need of upright piano for our chapel. We can help transport it!


Approximately 14,000 people in Utah will experience homelessness this year.


From emergency services to recovery programs, we have compassionate solutions to homelessness.

Ways to Get Involved

God+You+Us makes all we do possible.
Volunteer today.

Monthly Miracle Makers

Lead the way by providing a foundation of monthly-support that provides basic needs and life-changing solutions.

How We Help

New Life Recovery Program

Our year-long addiction recovery program
provides a pathway off streets and into
sobriety, faith, employment, and
stable housing.


For those who just need to get
back to work, we provide a bed,
a home base, and job leads.
This free help allows them to
quickly transition back
into housing.


We have facilities and services across
the Wasatch Front.

Food, Shelter, Clothing, and More

Daily meals, family food boxes,
comfortable shelter, crisis counseling,
showers, clothing, and a safe day room
are just a few ways we care for our
homeless friends.

Help Cards

Panhandlers – How to Help
Give these cards to panhandlers so they know about the free meals, shelter, clothing, and employment help compassionately available at the Rescue Mission.

Minute at the Mission

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