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David Pruett

DAVID PRUETT: From homelessness to "the best job I ever had"


A few months ago, God did something amazing in my life.

It was actually just the latest in a string of amazing things he has done for me. Already, God had helped me get sober, helped me believe in Him, and had changed my life at the Rescue Mission. But being such a great God, he had even more help in store for me.

I was struggling with finding work. I had moved on to the employment phase of the Rescue Mission’s New Life Program. I have several felonies on my record, and many theft charges, so it was difficult to find an employer who would take a chance on me. For three months I had been working temp jobs, none of which were going to provide me with a future.

Then, almost at random, a call came into the mission to our job placement coordinator, Greg Sheffield. On the other end, a man said he was looking for someone who wanted a second chance. Someone who wanted to change their life but who was also committed to being a good worker. Greg recommend me for the job.

The position was with a company that is helping to rebuild the Salt Lake City Airport. If you have been to the airport lately you know there is a big terminal redesign and rebuild going on. This company does the HVAC work on the new construction. Now I am being trained on-the-job as we work to install HVAC systems throughout the new buildings. This fall I will be enrolled in an online training college that will help me advance my skills as an HVAC technician.

I am thankful to the man who oversees this project for taking a chance on a formerly homeless person. Yet I am especially thankful to God for orchestrating it all. I know He is the real force behind all the change in my life. He is the Good Shepherd, looking after me, His previously lost sheep. This is by far the best job I have ever had in my life, and I am 40 years old.

My great job is just one of the many ways God changed my life since I came to the Rescue Mission in September, 2016.

I have been addicted to meth much of my life. I started partying when I was 20 and drugs overtook my life for the next 20 years. During those 20 years I have witnessed the death of both my parents, lost good contact with my siblings, engaged in an addiction-fueled, dysfunctional marriage and lost custody of my two boys. For most of the last five years I have been bouncing from jail or prison, living on the streets, or sometimes staying with people I knew.

It was a life of desperation and addiction. The worst part of living on the streets was the boredom. I had nothing to do all day, yet I felt trapped. Because of my addiction I didn’t go out and look for work or do something productive. I wanted to change but I needed help. I couldn’t do it alone.

When I finally walked into the Rescue Mission a year ago and asked for help it was humbling. It took 20 years to get me in the doors. It’s embarrassing to admit to another person that you are so out of control that you need their help to just get through one day sober.

Once I joined the New Life Program, I began to learn that you can’t fix a major life problem right away. You have to take on one little bit at a time. Everything is not easy. At first, I wanted that quick fix. My mind was fixated on getting my kids back. I obsessed over the idea that they were not living with me in a home of our own. I wanted to do everything I could to get them back living with me as soon as possible.

But God taught me patience. God helped me to realize that, even though my kids are in foster care, that this is the best place for them at this time, and for me. My boys are living with their maternal grandmother, who treats them great and takes really good care of them. God showed me that I need to achieve significant growth in terms of sobriety, employment, housing and stability over a sustained period of time before I could begin to consider regaining custody of my kids and be the father I want to be.

My boys, 14 and 9, still don’t fully trust me. They feel abandoned by me and their mom, who is also an addict. They are absolutely right to feel this way. While God has blessed me with a relationship with my kids—I take them to jump houses, and to movies, and shopping when I can—we still need significant healing in our relationship before we could live together again.

When God showed me that I needed long-term personal help, and that I should put the dream of living in the same house with my kids to the side for a while, it freed me up to appreciate the slow-growth process God wanted. Throughout this process God has given me victories. Since I have been in and out of jail or prison for most of my life, I have always been on probation. But during my time on the New Life Program I have successfully completed the terms of my probation and for the first time that I can remember I am completely out of the legal system. I am truly free, not having to check in with my probation officer each week. When my probation officer ended my probation he told me he was proud of everything I was doing.

Now that I am off probation, am sober and have a great job I can make a career out of, my goal is to be a good father. My kids and I still have problems but I would love it if one day we can make a home together. I want to be able to support myself and my kids and have a place of our own.

When I graduate at the end of this month I will move into the Rescue Mission’s transitional housing, the Terri Timmerman Freedom House. I will live there for a while as I continue to live sober, grow in employment and schooling and stay connected to my local church, K2 – The Church.

Please pray for me as I make the transition to the Freedom House. Pray that I would continue to work well and succeed in my recovery. My time at the Rescue Mission has truly transformed my life and I am eternally grateful for all the supporters who make it possible for the Mission to help broken people like me.




I am continually amazed at the support the Rescue Mission receives from the community. While many people are frustrated with the state of homelessness here in Utah, I find that people are always willing to partner with us to restore broken lives and make a difference in our community

One of our great partners this year is Megaplex Theaters, which is owned by the Larry H. Miller Group. Starting October 20 Megaplex will be showing the movie The Same Kind of Different as Me, which is based on the true-life New York Times bestselling book about homelessness of the same name.

During the two weeks around the movie’s launch the Megaplex will be running complimentary ads promoting the Rescue Mission. These ads will run on the big screens before the movie previews and in the lobbies of Megaplex theaters while people are getting their tickets and popcorn.

Because of Megaplex’s generosity, thousands of movie goers will learn about the life-changing services we provide. The Megaplex at Jordan Commons will also be hosting a red carpet screening of The Same Kind of Different as Me, with Mrs. Gail Miller giving a keynote address to the audience prior to the movie.

Please take the opportunity to see this movie. It is an amazing example of how one or two people can change a community because “Nobody can help everyone, but everybody can help somebody” (Denver Moore, the homeless man whose life is portrayed in the movie).

Megaplex’s generosity and support is just one of many ways the community supports our ministry. David Pruett’s testimony in this month’s Rescuer offers another great example. A man overseeing a crew helping to rebuild the Salt Lake City Airport called the Mission and asked if there was someone who needed a second chance. The man offered a great job to someone who we thought would work hard and was willing to learn a new trade, HVAC installation. Our job coordinator, Greg Sheffield, recommended David, who is now employed in the best job he has ever had.

It’s amazing to see businesses and business people step up and help the homeless like this. And these are just two examples of all the incredible support we receive from the business community throughout the year. Of course, the Christian community here in Utah is also key to our ministry. Over 80 percent of our support comes from everyday Utahns. We receive no governmental support so every dollars make a difference.

One of our partner churches, Calvary Chapel of Salt Lake, is following up on what Megaplex is doing by hosting our New Life Banquet just two weeks after The Same Kind of Different as Me opens in theaters. Our banquet will feature author Ron Hall who wrote The Same Kind of Different as Me. Ron will talk about his life story that inspires us all to make inroads to the homeless community.

Our New Life Banquet is Nov. 4, so please join us if you can. It should be a great evening. There is information on how to RSVP in this newsletter. If you want to come, reserve your seating as soon as possible.

Please join me in thanking God for the community support He graciously provides for the Rescue Mission. God is so good to us and is the one who allows us to help people. He provides the power to change lives.

God bless you,

Chris D. Croswhite

Executive Director



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Please join us for our New Life Banquet on November 4 at Calvary Chapel of Salt Lake.

The night will feature great food and a fantastic speaker, Author Ron Hall, who wrote The Same Kind of Different as Me. Ron will talk about his friendship with a homeless man named Denver Moore. The two met on the streets of Dallas, Texas and their friendship helped inspire a community.

Our New Life Banquet is complimentary. Seating is limited so please RSVP for attendance. At the banquet you will be inspired by stories from the Mission and Ron Hall and receive an invitation to pray, volunteer and invest in changing lives, to make the same kind of difference that Denver Moore made.

Please Plan to attend.  RSVP  HERE today.

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